TruCore Broker Incentive Program

Attractive Incentive Structure

We offer our broker partners an additional incentive fee of up to 0.50% on off-market deals sourced.

Co-Investment Opportunities

We provide our broker partners with the opportunity to co-invest in the deals they source for us.

Long-Term Partnerships

We believe in building lasting relationships. We aim to provide our broker partners with timely, detailed feedback on every deal submitted for our review, opportunity to work on repeat transactions together and industry leading incentives.

We Are Industrial Property Buyers

TruCore is actively seeking to acquire Class B Industrial properties that meet our criteria. If you represent a property or portfolio that aligns with our investment strategy, we want to hear from you.

Our Mutual Success

TruCore Investments has a distinguished track record of strategic acquisitions, underscoring our commitment to mutual success with our broker partners. Take a look at some of the acquisitions that show the benefits brokers experience when they work with us.