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Exploring the Advantages of Class B Industrial Properties

Why Class B Industrial Real Estate?

Class B Industrial offers untapped investment potential, creating a balance of high-demand and steady returns. These properties are critical to a diversified investment strategy, offering versatility and resilience in changing market conditions. Here’s why savvy investors are turning their attention to Class B Industrial:

Increased Demand Amid E-Commerce Surge

The rise of e-commerce, coupled with a resurgence in American manufacturing and the growing need for inventory and distribution channels, has catapulted the demand for industrial space. This demand is forecast to escalate further in the coming years, underscoring the growing need for Class B Industrial spaces.

Strategic Infill and Last Mile Locations

The push for just-in-time delivery models and closer proximity to consumer bases has elevated the importance of strategic locations. Class B Industrial properties often occupy these coveted infill and last-mile spots, making them critical for modern logistics and distribution strategies.

Supply Chain Decentralization and Onshoring

Recent supply chain challenges have underscored the benefits of domestic production and warehousing, further boosting the demand for industrial spaces as companies seek to onshore operations and reduce dependency on foreign manufacturing.

High Replacement Costs and Limited Supply

The economic landscape has rendered many Class B properties irreplaceable due to soaring construction costs and the premium on land in infill locations. This scarcity enhances the value of existing properties.

Diverse and Growing Tenant Demand

Industrial properties have enjoyed positive net absorption in most of the past decade, with tenant demand diversifying across new industries. This steady growth creates a strong tenant base for investors

Investor Favorability and Rent Growth

Industrial real estate remains a top choice among investors, with forecasts predicting that it will outperform other property types in returns. Furthermore, the market has seen significant rent growth. Existing leases were instated at rates that are now below current market values, creating the opportunity for further increases.

Fragmented Market Offering Arbitrage Opportunities

The Class B Industrial market is largely owned by local or regional entities, resulting in less competition for TruCore. Our national market expertise allows us to identify and exploit arbitrage opportunities, especially in properties marketed broadly versus those limited to local exposure.

Short Lease Terms Providing Flexibility

Unlike the more "institutionalized" Class A sector, Class B Industrial typically features shorter lease terms. This offers landlords more flexibility to adjust rents to market rates, creating an inflation hedge and opportunity for strategic value-add maneuvers.

Predictable CapEx and Sticky Tenants

With the lowest capital expenditure requirements among real estate asset classes, Class B Industrial minimizes unforeseen costs. Moreover, tenants in these spaces tend to remain for extended periods, providing stable, long-term occupancy rates and opportunities for landlords to support tenant expansions within the portfolio.

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Why Work With TruCore?

Our investors gain access to premier commercial real estate investment sales in the Class B Industrial sector and investment strategies that maximize returns and stability for our partners.
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Our Tailored Acquisition Strategy

Our successful properties are a testament to our tailored approach, zeroing in on Class B Industrial properties. At TruCore, we target investments with:

Strategic Insights and Market Mastery

Beyond our finely-tuned strategy lies our competitive advantage, setting TruCore apart in the Class B Industrial Real Estate market. This combination allows us to position our investors for success in an ever-evolving market landscape.

Strategic Deal Sourcing for Superior Opportunities

With nationwide connections, we access a wealth of off-market deals, ensuring our investors unique entry points into lucrative investments.

Flexible and Innovative Financing Solutions

Adapting to the needs of each deal, we employ a range of financing strategies, from traditional lending to collaborative joint ventures and partnerships.

Decades of Niche Market Expertise

Our team's collective century of experience informs our deep understanding of industrial markets, allowing for precise deal structuring and strategic investments.

Data-Driven Decisions for a Competitive Edge

Leveraging cutting-edge analytics, we make informed investment decisions that outpace market trends and investor expectations.

Industrial Fund I: A Gateway to Exceptional Returns

Offering compelling returns and portfolio diversification, Industrial Fund I is designed to minimize risk while maximizing investor confidence and financial outcomes.

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